Lizette Garcia, M.S., LPC


Experience a clarity in God's strength to help you
overcome your past tragedies.

This is a series of three live group coaching sessions: 3 weeks (1 hour weekly) / Month plus 1 week to focus on prayer with Lizette.

Weekly homework and worksheet

Replays of all content included.

These groups should be taken in the order shown and each have a maximum of 10 attendees so Lizette can focus on everyone. Go through them all with your friends, your church or other organization.

  • HerStrength group sessions: one-time payment – $997
  • HerWonder group sessions: one-time payment – $997
  • HerMarvel group sessions: one-time payment – $997

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Life has happened to me and, at the end of the day, I bounce right back at it. I am a sexual abuse and trauma overcomer. After being married for eleven years and having two boys and one girl, I know all about the mindset of a woman that wanted to be transformed and wanted more from life. I lived a life of

  • Getting pregnant out of wedlock
  • Sexually, mentally and physically abused in childhood
  • Being married for 11 years and going through a divorce
  • Living paycheck to paycheck
  • Experiencing spiritual control and manipulation
  • Being angry, depressed and full of unforgiveness

I used to live a traumatic and negative life, but God gave me the boldness and strength to overcome my past tragedies. I am excited to pour into you the knowledge of God’s process that has helped me to rely on His strength, His identity, and understand the best life and dreams He already had for me. I want to share those winning victories with you.

Each class group is broken into different teachings because they correlate with each other to take you to the next level of the process in your life. I have 28 years of life experience and 8 years of professional experience to get you the victory and freedom to win in life.

When you join one of these groups you will experience a clarity in Gods strength to help you overcome trauma, partner with the identity God gave you and be confident in fulfilling God’s dreams for your life. Its time you invest in you to prepare you for the story he wants you to create to bring you to your winning destiny. These classes will rekindle hope and shine the light of God’s grace on the dreams He put in your heart. I will encourage you and hold you accountable, help you plan and cheer you on to become who God created you to be. I will hold you up in prayer as God is the keeper of your dreams.


This group class focuses on reversing the damage of trauma through the strength of God. This class will help you how to find God’s strength in you to overcome pain in your life. Whether you realize it or not, life affects you. It can really take a toll on you. The good news is we don’t heal through our own strength, but we can be healed with the strength of God because with him all thinks are possible


This group focus on the reshaping of identity through understanding and learning God’s wonder in you. Jesus operated in supernatural ways because he knew his identity as a son. This class are for those that need a deeper understanding in operating and partnering with God to understand the identity he gave you, which is the same identity that he gave Jesus as his son.


HerMarvel focuses on the marvelous purpose God has for your life. The purpose of our lives gives us the best use of it. God has a design purpose for each person. Understand God’s purpose for your life is essential to fulfill his will on earth.

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