Got Questions for a Therapist?

Family Counseling

  • Do you feel an “energy drain” in your family?
  • Do members of your family exhibit excessive emotional reactions?
  • Is there is a significant breakdown in communication between family members?
  • Is there a new pattern of one or more family members going into seclusion?
  • Do you wonder if your family will ever recover from a traumatic experience?
  • Are there challenges with family members having substance abuse problems?

Individual Therapy

  • Do you feel stuck on the same problem that comes up over and over again?
  • Wondering how to deal with life challenges?
  • Looking to cultivate a positive self-image?
  • Struggling with a hurt from the past that causes a cycle of negative behaviors?
  • Held back from reaching your future dreams?
  • Frustrated you keep choosing the same unhealthy people repeatedly in relationships?

Hi! I'm Lizette Garcia, M.S., LPC

I am passionate about Hope. My road to hope helped me see and pursue solutions that were hidden behind a thick fog of despair from my upbringing in a dysfunctional home. My parents lacked the hope to break that cycle from their past. They forgot they had a choice to change things. When I realized I had the power of choice, fueled by hope, I decided to focus on doing what it took to change my life.

One thing I tell others is “you cannot give to others what you haven’t been taught.”

I poured myself into years of studying Counseling Psychology in Texas. I studied with professionals from all fields. They helped me understand how to break family dysfunction and to better myself individually. I saw hope as a beginning, the belief that things will get better. This allowed me to understand human interactions individually and in a family system.  Now I have years of experience counseling others and my own family.  I have learned that I can keep taking steps towards hope to create positive and permanent change. And, I can help you do the same.

I integrate these things and hope into my daily practice with clients. This has resulted in extremely high success and satisfaction rates for both individuals and family counseling.

“Where Wisdom Prevails”

Specialties and Services

One size does not fit all when it comes to the human psyche and Lizette does not approach therapy that way. Counseling is as unique as the individual themselves. That is why our specialties and services are diverse.

Life Coaching Groups

There are three classes in this series with each class lasting a month. A group of up to ten will meet for one month with one hour a week for the first three weeks and one week to focus on prayer with Lizette.

See all the details, gather ten friends and register for the first session entitled HerStrength.